About Us

About Clil

Clil looks like no other village in Israel, a widely dispersed, ecologically attuned community nestled in the foothills of the Western Galilee overlooking the Mediterranean.
It is considered to be Israel’s first ecological village. It was built in 1979 by a group of philosophers and artists who had the vision of creating an alternative village, close to nature, living according to ecological and organic ideas.
Clil is not connected to the main power grid and therefore completely powered by solar energy. Locals try to respect the nature and preserve local plants and natural forests. There is no use of pesticides or chemicals on any of the produce grown in the area. There are also no street lights in Clil and houses are spread far apart from each other, so it is the perfect place to star gaze and enjoy the night with minimal light pollution.

The story behind Clil Guesthouse

My wife and I have always been passionate about travelling. When we started our family we wanted to also find a way to keep the spirit of travelling in our lives and so Clil Guesthouse was born!
We offer an intimate, warm and friendly refuge for travelers venturing off the beaten track. The guesthouse is settled in the heart of an olive grove with superb views and is an idyllic spot to relax and unwind.
We have 3 very comfortable bedrooms ( 2 private doubles and a 4 bed dorm) with communal bathroom, shower, kitchen area and balcony. The rooms are located above our family home making it the ideal place to experience family life and meet colourful locals, as well as fellow travelers. All our rooms are bright and clean with linen provided. Please bring your own towels or we are happy to provide you with one for 5 shekles.